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Anna , 35
Hi there, Anna , 35 years old. I'm coming from Indianapolis. I am here looking for Something promising. For more information, please check my profile below. If you think I am the one sharing the same ideas as you do, feel free to let me know.
By Anna from USA
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My Personal Information
  • Member ID: L9197356
  • Date of birth: 1985-05-12
  • Height: 162cm
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Name: Anna
  • Astrology: Taurus
  • Weight: 45kg

My Signature
The reason for relationship is not just to have someone to share life with, but also to learn a lot from soulmate.The ideal man for me is confident in abilities and knows what he wants to achieve. He is the kind of man who sees the positives in any situations and able to cheer me up.

Self Introduction
Behind these green eyes is the mind of witty woman with an incredible passion for life who just seeks the right moment to demonstrate all the power and like a volcano, unleashing all the love. I know what I want. I am young and energy, so I really know what to do with soap bubbles, how to win in Twister and how to organize pillow fights. My life is not just hard work, it's my own choice and way for happiness I enjoy daily. The true life is in simple things, so I follow this principle.